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05 dec

Possible Career Change – During a Financial Crisis?

Not a day passes in which I dont get an explicit or subliminal message that is TIME for me to make a career change. Or should I say to start living what I feel is my true mission in life? Basically working more directly with people, supporting their self-empowerment – specially children and youth- I have many ideas on how and with what tools I would do that. I have even been training to become a Journey Practitioner for the past year and half.
However, we are in a financial crisis and I am very grateful to share that I have a job that I do love, where I do feel I am making a difference and that also pays very well. I also have an 18 month old baby and financially support some members of my extended family. Taking the step to move into what I perceive as my true mission is full of uncertainty and feels very risky!! any suggestions on how I can start taking the first steps?

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  • Well, you are probably busy busy with a job AND young child, but see what you can do on the side, in any spare time you have, to support your real mission. Even if it’s just “research,” reading up on jobs, seeing what kind of jobs or opportunities are out there in the field you want to be in. Take notes, make lists about what you want, and maybe a time line for getting there? But kudos to you for starting the process just by thinking about it and talking about it right here!

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  • I think all of us who have jobs right now-and good ones at that-understand your predicament! That said, there’s never a better time than right now to live your dreams. The fact that the universe is telling you not-so-subtly to go for it means you definitely should! The things worth doing in life often feel very risky. Step out on faith. Great things will happen.

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