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05 dec

Moving Away From “Home”

I more recently moved to Ohio and I am still adjusting to the change. Prior to moving to the Buckeye State, I had lived in Pittsburgh for my entire life (24 years). I was never more than 30 minutes from my family or less than a mile from my younger sister who also lives in the city.

I knew all of the streets like the back of my hand, my favorite coffee shop, the best place to get pancakes (Pamela’s!) and my favorite places to run — it was MY domain. Not to mention, all of my friends were close by.

But when my fiance got a job offer that he just could not pass up, we made the decision to move to Ohio. It was hard to say the least.

I have gone through moments of, “OK, I can do this” to “Oh, my, God … get me the heck out of here. I hate it, hate it, hate it!”

So much of me was identified through the area in which I lived, and for awhile I feel like I lost a huge piece of me.

What has helped, however, are a few things: (1) My fiance is incredibly supportive. Even when I am screaming, “This is all your fault!” he is there to lend a helping hand. He really is a saint. (2) Getting out and about. I work from home, so staying inside is natural for me. But I have noticed that when I actually get out and explore, I have feelings of, “Hmm … this isn’t so bad.” (3) My family and friends keep in touch with me as much as possible through phone calls, text and picture messages, hand-written notes, and, of course, by visiting me.

I am, alas, a work in progress. This move has been one of the biggest changes I have ever experienced. But I am adjusting … one day at a time.

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  • I have to correct this typo because I am so OCD: “and for awhile I feel like I lost a huge piece of me.”
    “Feel” should be “felt,” there should be a “had” before lost and “awhile” should be “a while” because it is part of a prepositional phrase.
    OK, I am done now. (;

    Shared by carolineshannon.

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