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05 dec

Mind, Body, and Soul

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I’m not going through any specific major life changes at the moment. I am ,however, attempting to make positive changes in all aspects of my life. I’m in my mid-twenties and have dated a bunch of jerks up until now and have a tendency to get caught up with what others think of me. I’m in the process of trying to weed out the negative influences in my life and creating more positive energy. I realize this is a lifelong process, but its something I really want to focus on in the new year. I can already notice some great changes all around me, and ever since I made this commitment a lot of really great people have showed up in my life. To me this is proof that I’m headed in the right direction.

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Posted by First 30 Days on December 5th, 2008 in Personal Stories | 3 comments

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  • You are a smart girl. A book that really helped me out as far as dating and being attracted to jerks was “Woman Who Love Too Much” it really made me think about alot of the choices with men I made.

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  • You are so wise!!!! I wish I would have figured this out in my mid-twenties. This is one of life’s greatest lessons, and one that will serve you well. Know yourself, your goals and what is truly important to you and stay true to who you are. You are your environment and you have the power to control your environment. You are going to have an amazing life with this understanding!

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  • Focus and intention are so cool, aren’t they?! When you put your mind on something and open yourself up to the possibilities, it seems like the universe cooperates. I’ve heard some great stories like this. I hope your dream date is just around the corner!

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