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05 dec

Looking for a Manufacturer

I have a great innovative product that has helped me to save money and time. I discovered it by accident while trying to come up with a low cost /low maintenance solution to the never ending gray hair. My best friend 30days has taught me to look for the postive, and be optimistic. So I decided to use that approach on the dreaded feelings I got when walking by a mirror or putting on my make up and seeing those awful gray roots creeping back after what seemed like a couple of weeks, and a costly salon visit!Thinking positive did work, and I was successful because I found the perfect solution, one that was not available to me on the market. I have since filed for a provisional patent, starting making on my own hair coloring product for roots, know what is needed next, and would like to mass produce and begin marketing. I am looking for a manufacturing firm to partner with, one who will not want to own the license but share in the profits. Any contacts to be shared? I can tell you first hand when I put my make up on now, and fix my hair I feel great, and wonderful things always seem to occur! Could be the fact that gray hair no longer rules my mood, and is replaced with the the feeling of “I won”!

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