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11 dec

First 30 Days an Inspiration for a Long Awaited Change

Thank you! Thank you Ariane for writing this book for it has obviously been such a powerful tool for thousands upon thousands. Personally, it was the catalyst and ONLY CHANGE CATALYST that allowed my sister to make a the big step to stand up for herself in a verbally abusive relationship. For over decade she has not found the strength or courage to stand up for herself and move to a positive journey of change. It was through your book, so easily understood, so unassuming and non judgemental that inspired her to finally take the steps to stand up for herself! We are so grateful to you for nothing else in over 10 years has made her want to change until your words, your research, your sugesstions in the First 30 Days gave her the tools to do. Thank you again and best wishes for a great 2009! And please keep on giving the expert advice!


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