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28 dec

Finding Peace Within for 2009

If you’re feeling anxious about the changes that will come your way, here are a few things you can do to welcome in the New Year with a sense of peace and calm.

* Write a letter to yourself, and have it come from your Higher Self. Go through what happened this year, and let your wiser self give you advice.

* Write a letter to anyone who you feel incomplete with and need closure from. Don’t send it. Write it for yourself and for your healing. Say exactly what needs to be said, and don’t hold back.

* Give yourself the gift of forgiving someone who hurt you this year. You can do this in person, over the phone, or just quietly in your own space. Include yourself in this exercise. What mistake, regret or action do you need to forgive yourself for this year?

* Accept your family exactly the way they are. Have no expectations that they will be different this time around, whether it’s during the holidays or through the next year.  Do not expect them to understand you or any choices/decisions you’ve made or are planning to make.

* Figure out the few things you can do to reenergize yourself, since you will probably need to turn to these things in the coming year. Does walking in nature get you energized? Does working out get your engines running? Is it sleeping in? Prayer? Meditation? Writing? Be clear about what you need more of to continue on your path.

* What’s the top excuse that gets in your way? Write it down and make friends with it. Ask yourself: Is this really true? Who would you be and what would you do without this excuse?

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