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08 dec

Career, Relationship, Living Change

So 2008 started great. Amazing hedge fund career, great girlfriend, loving living in New York. The universe had another thought though. So over the last 3 months, the hedge fund was shut down, the relationship ended, my visa to stay in New York terminated with the hedge fund, so a move was in many ways forced onto me. Lessons learnt?

Take nothing for granted, not that I did, but it has made me appreciate being in the present more and living more in the present.

Go with the changes that are upon you or that you feel in your gut you need to make. The more I resisted, or why me attitude the longer the “fight” prevailed.

Look for the best option at the time in times of change and move forward towards it. I have really learnt there are no mistakes, just mistakes if you dont learn the lessons. So make decisions in a state of certainty and move towards them confidently. If they dont work out, you readjust.

Trust. One real lesson I continue to learn is to have increased trust and faith things will work out. And the more present I have been and moved to things that feel right for me, the more things have opened up and flowed. Do not be affraid to do what is right for you during times of real change, like work, relationships, where you live, because if you are doing what is right for others, friends, family and what is seen as right, it will not work. So in a way being selfish but honest is what you need to do to look after yourself during times of change.

Have fun with it. I moved to Sydney, missing my NYC friends like mad, then I was running along the cliff tops here, thinking, well life doesnt suck, I miss my friends, but if they are true they will stay with me, and life is one international play pen anyway. Also I decided to have fun with all the change. One example I have a flat, nothing in it as my furniture is on a ship arriving end of January. So I am like camping in Bondi, but I open up to having fun with it. Once I did that, I befriended the Bondi House Hotel ladies, they ask me in, tea on their beautiful balcony, and before long I have crates of kitchen wares, couches in my pad. If I hadn’t shifted my mindset I dont think I would have these excentric ladies and recieved all these cool things!

Ask for help. In times of change, you can be like a dear in a head light. Ask for help from your friends. I have and they are there for me. I asked a friend if we could be at the airport when I arrived, and sure enough the team was there, took me away to an amazing farm for the weekend, and a great way to settle into Sydney. If I had not asked, I would have been in a cab, likely down as I headed to my new vacant apartment.

Lastly, stay in touch with your international friends, they are your life blood and will keep you going.

Also lastly, stay healthy and rested and look after you. For me that is my key.

Hey I am still going through all this, so what do I know, but at times it ain’t easy, but then through it, there is so much growth and new experiences, I am now kinda diggin it.

Hope you get something outta this. But above all embrace it, there are no mistakes, and go with what feels right…lol

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  • All great advice! I know you are BEYOND missed here. Enjoy this great new adventure…who knows what will come of it? We’re rooting for you at F30D!

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    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009
  • It’s wonderful that you have such a positive attitude, meeting each new challenge as it’s meant to come up.

    Shared by VictoriaB.

    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009
  • Montgomery — how inspiring is your writing. Am going through a divorce turning difficult, and your enthusiatic attitude is really encouraging. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!

    Shared by lilliede81.

    — Added by First30Days on August 28th, 2009

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