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05 dec

Are There Multiple Inner Voices?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been motivated to work hard at my job. I also don’t have a problem getting things done around the house or taking charge of my personal calendar. However I can’t seem to find the discipline to get out and exercise (even a walk for 30 mins is something I don’t want to do most nights). I’m looking for my inner voice in this area. Again I have it with so many other aspects of life, but still this one change is all I think about. How can a professionally motivated person be so lame when it comes to fitness and will this change really make me as happy as I believe it will? Like most people – I know what it takes and am not afraid of hard work. But again I can’t stick with it when it comes to working out. I am going to try the First30Days of getting in shape and would love the support of this community. If anyone has tips please send forward. I am making a commitment to coming here everyday and perhaps this indirect commitment will be enough to get my shoes laced up and me out the door. Wish me luck… I.AM.ASH

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  • I am a big fan of exercise. My co-workers sometime laugh at me, in good humor. I do jogging in place as I make copies or stomach crunches at my desk. I park as far away as I dare and walk to the building. I walk to a person instead of emailing them or calling, when feasible to do so. I tell my co-workers it all counts…..I’m 62 and I still want to stay in as best shape as I can………

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  • I like what Gregory Joujon-Roche says about making a date for exercise on your calendar, just like a business meeting and keeping it.
    I’m also a big fan of play as exercise. Throw a ball, fly a kite, play frisbee, paddle ball, badminton, anything that keeps you moving and laughing.

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