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17 nov

On the Eve of Change

One of my favorite radio show hosts, Dr. Alvin Jones, created an incredible program called On the Eve of Change in the days

after the election. He interviewed a slew of personalities about the election, Obama’s campaign and subsequent win.

I was honored to be invited to speak about it last week. We talked about change in this country and how Obama has coralled a nation around the concept of change and optimism.

He also asked me to discuss how to deal with the result if it wasn’t what we wanted, and the answers really apply to any change you don’t want or didn’t initiate.

Finally, we laid out a plan for how to best deal with a change you want to make; how to even figure out what you really want, how to start and how to get rid of excuses.

Better to start now than January, believe me–new changes can start anytime. It’s about a mindset, an attitude, beliefs, passion, commitment, a support team and a plan. Obama certainly showed us that.

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