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15 oct

Learning to See the Endless Possibilities

I just got back from the Harvard Business School 100 Year Centennial Celebration. It was a fascinating conference, which I will blog about it in the coming days as I learned so much I want to share about the current crisis and what folks like Bill Gates and Charlie Rose had to say.

I leave today for Texas to speak at the Governors Conference for Women .  I’m speaking about New Beginnings and Starting Over–a good topic for current times of change. I will also be doing a short segment on Great Day Houston tomorrow morning (Thursday) on how to handle the First30Days after losing your job. If you didnt see the segment in the New York Daily News on this, please check it out.

Remember, we all overestimate how much change can happen in a few weeks and then we never imagine how much our lives can change in a matter of months. If you are thinking of making a new beginning, or life has forced one on you, take your power back and be bold. Life is on your side–you aren’t lucky or unlucky. Anything is possible from this moment on. Anything.

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