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12 sep

New York Night

Last night I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday at Valbella on 13th Street here in NYC. Lovely restaurant.

While we were discussing the subject of whether we felt better about ourselves now or 10 years ago, the extraordinary, incomparable Michael Phelps walks in with a small entourage of friends. Although we tried to be discrete, you can’t exactly not notice him given his size.

He was wearing his trademark casual attire — jeans and flipflops and his sweet, adorable, innocent smile we have all come to love. What was surprising was how skinny he is! There’s no body fat on that man at all. He was very generous in saying hello to people, including none other than Robert DeNiro who was sitting right next to us. An eventful night!

We finally came back to our original conversation and between 8 of us, all decided we felt and even looked better today than we did 10 years ago. It’s lovely to be young like Michael Phelps, but I wonder if he’ll feel as we do in ten years, that he looks and feels better (or at least just as good) as he does today.

This afternoon, we have a lunch meditation workshop, taught by one of our meditation experts, Mark Thornton, and Fox Business TV is coming in to film it. I will let you know when it airs.

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope you get to do something (whether meditating, going out with friends or something else affirming) that reminds you of how great you are and how far you’ve come.

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