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06 sep

How to Become a Change Optimist

Last week I did a podcast with a wonderful reporter, Allan Hunkin, who has interviewed some of the top experts in the life improvement space-folks like Jack Canfield and Robert Kiyosaki.

The focus was on sharing insights I had discovered from interviewing thousands of people going through change, and what I am witnessing more and more every day on our site.

Despite the different challenges of each change-from divorce to a cancer diagnosis, to pregnancy and finding a job you love — I’ve consistently found a pattern in what makes people good at change, why is it that some of us have an easier time-what makes someone initiate and face a change with ease and confidence.

We went through every one of these 9 principles of change, in detail, and took some live calls from listeners who had tuned in. I hope you find a moment to listen to my “Written Voices” interview with Allan. Enjoy!

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