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11 aug

Creating a 4-Hour Work Week

It’s rare that I blog about someone I interviewed on my Change Nation podcast. As you probably know, every week I speak to some expert, celebrity, author or another amazing person going through a life change. My focus is to find some great wisdom to help us as we all go through our own specific changes.

Last week I interviewed the incomparable Tim Ferriss. You may recognize him as the author of The 4 Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich. I was fortunate to meet him in person at the National Speakers Association where he was a guest speaker.

The book is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller. Why? Because it’s about changing the way we work—specifically, the way we communicate through Blackberries, iPhones and other devices that keep us constantly connected, and the cost to our life in doing so.

It’s also because Tim has some strategies that really work for people who want to change that. For instance, he suggests checking email only twice a day, or learning the concept of batching emails, as just one way to save hours of time.

I invite you to listen to this podcast and put some of what Tim has to say to work. You will be shocked at what you discover about yourself, your behaviors and how you work. Tim is just fabulously unique. He speaks a dozen languages, is good at every sport, travels the world — and because he has found so much more time than the rest of us, he is also very active with charities and making a big difference around the world. I’d definitely call him a fellow change optimist.

After you’ve listened, let me know in what ways you have become more productive, and what fabulous things are you now doing with these new hours in your day?

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