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03 jul

Get Up and Dance!

Want to change the world? Maybe it’s time to start dancing.

This video is such a simple example of the joys of being part of the human race. Made by a guy named Matt, it reminds me that if we pursue our passions and dreams, change (and fun) will follow. Matt is a genuine change agent. By simply showing up around the world, doing a silly little dance, and encouraging others to dance with him, he changes the dynamic of a place and unites people despite differences in language, race, creed, religion and any other thing that might be recognized as a divide.

Through this simple act, I’ve been reminded that:
Change will come when we remember we are all connected.
Change will come when we look for what is the same in each other, as opposed to focusing on how we are different.
Change will come when we get back into our bodies and out of our heads or our tired minds.
Change will come when we smile. Get that joy flowing, and remember the reasons we have to be happy.
Change will come when we choose to see ourselves reflected in another’s eyes, and embrace the acceptance there.

Change happens when one person makes a decision to start being happier — whether you follow Matt’s example and start dancing more, start smiling more or just commit to being an example of positive energy and light for others. Leave a comment below — let me know where you’re finding joy, and how you’re putting it out into the world!

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