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29 jul

Signs of Change

I’ve just returned from a wedding in London. It was actually a Scottish wedding with men in kilts (which is just so hot.) Then it was off to France for some quality time with Mum.

So just when I think I am free at the airport to dive into a great book, write in my journal and get some rest on the way home, I look up and yes — there is a GIANT sign for me — a sign of change, of course! I’ve attached the photo here because I just had to laugh aloud at this one.

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14 jul

Change and the Chicken

One of the things we do when we want to change something is we remain very vague. After all, the less specific we are, the better chance we have of seeing that change come to pass, right? Wrong!

I want a new job…I want a boyfriend/girlfriend…I want a new home…I want to lose weight. But how? When? What kind? How much? Somehow we’ve stopped believing that we can have exactly what we want. So many of us are willing to take whatever we are given, and thus, we find ourselves in a job we didn’t really want or a relationship we know doesn’t really feel right.

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07 jul

What Can We Learn from Nadal’s Win?

“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” – Helen Keller

So, yesterday’s Wimbledon tennis final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer was arguably the best tennis match the world has ever seen — it may have been one of the greatest sporting events in history. Whether you are a tennis fan, or have never seen a game or set foot on a court, here are the extraordinary highlights:

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03 jul

Get Up and Dance!

Want to change the world? Maybe it’s time to start dancing.

This video is such a simple example of the joys of being part of the human race. Made by a guy named Matt, it reminds me that if we pursue our passions and dreams, change (and fun) will follow. Matt is a genuine change agent. By simply showing up around the world, doing a silly little dance, and encouraging others to dance with him, he changes the dynamic of a place and unites people despite differences in language, race, creed, religion and any other thing that might be recognized as a divide.

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