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23 apr

The Mystery of It All

Amy Tan (the famous author, yes) speaks of what she calls, “the cosmological constant” — that something we call luck, coincidence, the mystery of chance, serendipity, etc.

We have all felt it and wondered where it comes from. It could be the friend that calls when you think of her, the highway billboard that speaks directly to you, the perfect timing of an event in your life, the gut feeling that turns out to be spot on, meeting someone in a random airport or place you never visit, and so on.

I love this stuff. I see it in my life everyday and I actually expect it to show up. When moments like this happen, it’s a sign that I am going in the right direction with life and not fighting against it. I call it the language of life — it’s the language that many of us haven’t yet learned, not one of words, but of things happening on an invisible plane.

Even if you think this is all ridiculous and for spiritual freaks, I encourage you to be open, to tune your antenna for a few days, be like a detective looking for these signs and coincidences. They’re there to serve you.

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