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08 apr

The Matrix Awards

Yesterday I attended the annual Matrix Awards, hosted by New York Women in Communications, Inc. The event honored an awe-inspiring group of women, including Robin Roberts from “Good Morning America,” Anne Sweeney from ABC Television, Linda Greenhouse, the Supreme Court writer for The New York Times and Diane von Furstenberg. And equally impressive people introduced each honoree: Christiane Amanpour, Diane Sawyer, Wolfgang Puck, Bob Woodruff and more.

Throughout this incredible gathering I was struck by a few things:

* The pace of change in media and communications. We’ve transitioned from basic TV, radio and print to the emergence of the web and all of its technological advancements. It’s pretty revolutionary that ABC now airs full episodes of shows like Grey’s Anatomy on iTunes.

* The changes these women have seen, faced and stood up for in each of their industries by doing things they’d never tried before, taking risks, confronting the new and going beyond their comfort zone. As we say in French, Chapeau (hats off to them!).

* The depth of heart, emotion and sense of purpose found in each one of the recipients was inspiring. They are an example of what it means to be a woman in her power, as opposed to fighting for power.

* Wolfgang Puck should have catered the meal—that was his first comment at the podium, not mine!

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