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08 apr

Party Switchers

If elections are all about change, the tight democratic race is taking it to a new level. Voters are not only changing their views on politics (becoming decidedly more interested in the process) and increasing their hope for a brighter future, but many are also changing their political party.

Take Oregon. As the state’s primary inches closer (May 20), many voters are making a major change. In the past seven weeks about 10,000 have refiled as Democrats — 3500 who were once registered Republicans! And Pennsylvania has registered 235,000 new Democrats — just in time for its April 22nd primary.

“The bottom line is, this is the first Oregon presidential primary I have ever voted in my life that actually could matter, and I am not going to pass up that chance just because I am registered with the wrong party,” 45-year old Matthew Buckingham told Fox News. “I want to make sure whoever gets in there, it is someone I can live with.”

Would you change your political affiliation for the chance to vote for the right candidate?

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