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02 apr

Maps that Matter

If you want to see the things that truly need to change in the world check out Worldmapper, a collection of maps that detail the areas of the world experiencing the most deaths from AIDS, the highest infant mortality, the greatest population of wealthy citizens and so on. While the colorful maps expose hard issues like child labor, human poverty and death from malaria, it also sheds light on lighter statistics like the most films watched (India), most personal computers used (U.S., Japan, China and Germany) and most babies born (Africa).

This site is great because it’s a visual reminder of just how out of balance our beautiful planet has become. There’s something striking about seeing a color-coded representation of all that we have to work toward — I find it decidedly more meaningful than simple statistics alone. If I was ever looking for another excuse to go green(er), seeing the U.S. (along with China and India) on the map representing the biggest increase in carbon emissions is all the motivation I need.

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