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05 mar

The Change Guarantee

I’ve been thinking about how quickly we label something as a good change or a bad change. Marriage is a good thing, divorce is a bad thing, being laid off is a bad thing and getting a promotion is a good thing. But the truth is that from every change — even the most challenging — something good will always come. This is what I call the Change Guarantee™. This means that all change is positive in some way. If you think about it, being laid off can be a terrific gift — suddenly you are given the time to stop, think and wonder about where you can go next. Maybe back to school, on an overdue vacation or onto a better job. And divorce is often the best choice for an unhappy couple, allowing them to let go of a negative relationship and move onto a brighter future.

How have you experienced the Change Guarantee? Have you gone through change that at the time was tough and difficult, but when you look back on it, you see the good that came from it?

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