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21 mar

Remember the Good Changes

Change is a funny thing. When we’re faced with any sort of transition, we often think things like: “Change is hard” and “I hate change.” We don’t look forward to change — we often say that we’d be a lot happier if things never changed. Why do we instantly forget all of the incredible changes that have come into our lives the minute we’re forced to deal with a challenging change?

Remember falling in love with your spouse, or when your first child was born, or when you were offered a job that you didn’t think you were qualified for. Or you may have lost weight, kicked an addiction, triumphed over an illness, changed careers, gone back to school or pursued a dream like learning how to paint, speak French or sculpt. And, don’t forget seasonal change — yesterday was the first day of Spring, which is a great change.

What are your top three good changes?

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