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24 mar

Changes in China

Having grown up in Hong Kong, I have a strange and close familiarity with all things from that part of the world. It’s therefore not surprising that when I hear and watch the tragedies going on in Tibet and the uprisings being squashed by the Chinese troops, I am drawn into the conflict. I want to see a real change in how Tibet exists and is respected in Asia.

I am left wondering why the world is so silent about Tibet’s status and yet so vocal and open when it comes to its exiled leader, the Dalai Lama. Even though I am never for violence or unrest of any kind, I am “for” a nation taking a stand for itself and how its people are treated. In some ways, I would like to see China have to face some tough decisions about how to handle the Tibet situation — other than using violence. Especially in the light of the Olympics being held in Beijing in a few months, China may be forced to change and do something different. Changes in China and its relationship to Tibet may only become real, if pressure is felt from other countries.

I remain curious to see who might step up now in honor of Tibet’s rights.

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