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22 feb

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Welcome to my Studio. I’m calling this space a studio as it’s going to be a place of exploration, discussion, creativity and inspiration on one word — CHANGE. Change is the word of the year, maybe even the decade. It’s all around us, all the time. We experience changes in our health, relationships, careers, finances and families, and then we hear about and face social, environmental and political changes.

As JFK said, “Change is the law of life” — it’s one thing that’s guaranteed to happen. Yes, change can be hard, we feel alone when we are going through change and most of us think we are bad at change. My one hope, and the reason I started this site, is to make change easier. In this studio, I’ll bring you anything that mentions change, alludes to it or that I feel can help even just one person with a piece of information or inspiration. That’s my commitment. is full of rich content about nearly 50 different changes (and more coming). We’ve interviewed the top experts, identified the top 5 things to do and pulled it all together to help you get started. We also found the resources you may need, including the top books on a subject and music and movies to inspire you. There’s also a community of people going through the same changes, who will share their wisdoms and tips, and, from whom, you can ask and answer questions. And, you can listen to our weekly podcast, read our everyday change tips and tons more.

We are starting a Change Movement. We all have changes we wish we could make and others that life has thrown at us, and many of us are helping someone else through a change. So, jump in and sign up. We are a small team of very passionate change catalysts, who are committed to doing our part and who stand for optimism all the way through.

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