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25 feb

Oscar Night 2008

I watched the Oscars last night and wondered what was different this year. My first thought was that there were a lot of international acknowledgments — nominations for foreign actors, actresses, films and documentaries. Bravo to Marion Cotillard for winning “Best Actress” for La Vie en Rose — highly recommended, such beautiful acting. I don’t think that was it though. The whole show, despite Jon Stewart and his lovely humor, felt a bit more serious for some reason — more mature somehow.

I got to thinking about how winning an Oscar changes a person’s life — the prestige and fame that comes with it opens doors and increases work and pay. And there is an important journey to getting there. All of the people who took to the stage, at one point in their lives made a decision — a decision to be involved in the movie business. And, we all know that is not an easy road to take. They stuck with it, though, and kept going despite their own doubts and fears and lack of work and money. They make it look easy, but for most, the journey wasn’t always easy. Every actor I know and have met has doubted his- or herself and talent.

Yes, we love Oscar night — it all looks so perfect. It’s also important to remember the journey that made each of these people unique. Every one of them has a story of change — a story of hardship, courage, making mistakes and picking themselves back up again. Their visions were all tested, but they had the will fight to become something.

Here’s to all those who give us their talents and bring their stories to life. We admire the journey it takes you to get there.

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