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18 feb

Election of Change

Today is President’s Day. The whole theme of this year’s election is “Change.” Everyone wants a change. It’s really quite interesting, because before Barack Obama, change was not something people jumped up about, it had negative connotations and was something many avoided. And now, you see big signs touting “Change” all over the television and throughout our towns.

Think back to previous elections, it seems as if people wanted security, stability and certainty, much more than they wanted change. Today, there has come a time where we are all more comfortable with change — even though we have no idea in what direction that will take us.

I also realize that I have to care about who becomes the next President, and that it’s a good thing to talk about politics. Why is it that in this country, it’s not really ok to talk about politics (or religion)? We don’t dare ask our friends or colleagues who they voted for in the primaries? And, especially, why they voted for that person? Instead, go ahead and ask — start the conversation. I am personally looking forward to asking the candidates what they will focus on in their First30Days of being President. Stay tuned!

And finally on this day, I wanted to acknowledge and show my respect for all of the candidates, who are running around the country giving speeches every single day, and who are no doubt exhausted and are still doing their best. Regardless of who you are supporting, they are all human and have decided to take a stand for this country and what they feel they can bring. I hope they too are celebrating themselves on this day.

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