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Smile If You Mean It!

Smile If You Mean It!

Smiling is contagious and thank goodness for that! When it comes to facial expressions associated with being happier, smiling (perhaps followed by laughing) comes to mind first. It’s hard to decide if smiling yourself or making someone else smile is more fun, but both should be part of every day!
Ali Hale of the self-improvement site, “PickTheBrain,” came up with 10 ways to make others smile, in case you’re short on ideas or want to try something new. She starts out with the simple, such as writing a thank-you note to someone. But forget the ease of sending an email! Really WRITE a thank-you note about anything and hand-deliver it if possible.
Other ideas range from making someone their favorite breakfast to creating a photo album of memories and giving it as a gift. Remember those little “cards” you’d make for your parents when you were little (or without money)? “Good for one chore” or “good for 5 hugs?” Try making one for “a day off” and additionally, planning an exciting day of events for the person.
What are your smile guarantees that make others smile or those that work on you?

Posted: 9/26/08

I love to send cards in the mail to people I care about. I do it all the time. I will browse card stores for cards that just say hi, or offer support or just are funny. My friends and family never know when they will get one from me, but they always tell me how much they love it! It makes me feel a little closer to them and I know it makes them think about me. I love finding just the perfect card.


I love to give and receive random backrubs. They're the best after a long day at work.


I'm a big fan of randomly smiling at people here in New York. You can kind of gauge who will do it back and who won't be freaked out by it. I love when it happens in my neighborhood...everything doesn't feel so anonymous!


Without a doubt, smile at someone - even if you don't feel like it - and they will smile back. As you've pointed out here, it's contagious! I've been trying this technique a lot lately and it really has improved my own moods. I work in retail, so you know how that can be. Even with a surly old goat, a nice inviting smile can go a long way!


I make it a habit of smiling whenever someone calls my name in the office. No matter what it takes people off guard and forces them to smile and/or laugh. Try it some time!

  • By LMAYO9
  • on 9/29/08 11:45 AM EST

Children and animals will always make me smile. I love making a crying baby stop crying with a big smile or looking at a dog and seeing them start to wag their tail. I think animals and children really know much more about this happiness thing...