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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes You Can Change!

I wanted to share two videos with you today—you may have already seen them, but they are worth another look.

The first is from and it talks about how often people in the world are using the word change. It’s probably safe to say that “change” is the word of 2008. I truly hope that people will begin to see the importance of making changes and that a little change can go a long way.

A friend brought this second video to my attention, and I LOVE it. This is not a political statement from me. I just love the change aspect and the YES WE CAN. It’s very empowering.

Each day we are all asked to get through various changes. We need to believe change is a good thing—as a nation and as individuals, and that we are good at change! This video embodies the sentiment we are trying to get across on this site—Yes, you can get through change.

I'm watching CNN right now and there are signs all over my TV saying, "Stand for Change." Let's start doing that in our own lives.