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Question:Anyone heard of or tried the new "sprinkle diet?"

My friend showed me an ad for the new sprinkle diet called Sensa Weight-Loss System Link. Once I read "Sensa lets you change your shape without changing your routine. There are no meetings or exercise programs, and you can continue to eat at your favorite restaurants," I was pretty skeptical. But after I did a little research, the people that tried it said they really had results.

The diet is just sprinkling these crystals onto your foods. They come in sweet and salty and enhance the food you are eating, triggering your brain to make you feel fuller faster, and on less food. So you lose weight by eating less.

I know it is not a "lifestyle change" if you don't change your habits and just sprinkle on some flavor crystals, but did it work for anyone or anyone you know? If you check out the link, let me know what you think.

Asked by bella08 on 10/8/08 4 Answers»


Hmm never heard of it! I too like the name...sounds so cute! But it's probably too good to be true...

Answered by: aliciak on 10/10/08


I also got really excited and thought you would just eat handfuls of sprinkles all day (rainbow colored ones, of course). Salty flavor crystals aren't nearly as exciting...

Answered by: Dairygirl09 on 10/8/08


This is flat out ridiculous. It's a band-aid fix for people who don't want to do the work to create healthy, flavorful meals or take charge of what they put in their bodies. If you sit and enjoy your meal, you'll know when you're full—without the help of "flavor crystals."

The most effective and proven way to lose weight is to make a lifestyle change. Exercise and a balanced diet are the keys to lasting weight loss and better health. Please don't spend your hard earned money on fad diets or empty promises!

Answered by: Eva1873 on 10/8/08


OK this is how out of whack I am after the debate. You said sprinkle diet, and I thought the diet consisted of putting actual sprinkles (like you put on ice cream) on everything you eat. That would definitely get me to stop eating burgers....

On a serious note, I've never heard of this but this sounds weird. Why wouldn't you just save $60 and put more salt and seasonings on your food? And it always makes me nervous when "doctors" talk about adding chemicals to food.

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 10/8/08
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