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Question:whats the best way to stop eating meat?

I have learned over the years that I really don't like the taste of meat...but every time I decide o.k. lets just eat grains and veggies and fruit ,my willpower konks out and its pizza delivery

Asked by myboop on 11/28/08 5 Answers»


Investigate the meat industry, read up on the life of a farm animal. You won't eat animal, drink animal or wear animal.

Answered by: susan4 on 1/1/09


Slowly. Don't expect to go cold turkey. Start with eliminating one or two things. For example, I never eat red meat, and I am not big on chicken, pork or dairy, so those were the first things to go. However, I do love my fish and the occasional egg. You will find that when you eliminate things slowly, the transition becomes much easier. You also will begin to crave more vegetable-based foods.

Try to also substitute meat and dairy products with food items, like tofu, veggie burgers, soy/rice/almond/hemp milk, tempeh and seitan.

I have for a very long time had a veggie-based diet, making sure most of my meals are meat-free, and packed with veggies and fruits. I am not at the point where I have given up all animal products, but I am constantly conscious of it. This slow elimination process, however, will help you to achieve a veggie life the right way, giving you time to educate yourself about what works for you.

If you like to cook, check out "Eat, Drink and Be Vegan" by Dreena Burton or "The Vegetarian Cookbook" by Nicola Graimes. Both are favorites of mine.

Have fun!

Answered by: carolineshannon on 12/5/08


Do you cook? That's part of the fun of going veg, is cooking up really tasty vegetarian dishes that don't make you miss meat. (I lived with a veg. for 2.5 years and am sort of a flexitarian).

I'm trying to commit to being vegetarian for 5 days a week to start, just so that I don't cave, as I am likely to do...seems like you are too. Make the goal worth pursuing, but also not impossible.

You've got to be exciting, at least a bit, about what you're eating in order to make any kind of diet, eating lifestyle work.

Answered by: aliciak on 12/4/08


It's amazing how many foods are out there that give you the same general feeling in terms of texture and offer so much more in terms of good health. I find those large portobella mushrooms are really meaty ... you can have one of those and almost believe you're eating a burger.

Answered by: springshine on 12/2/08


Have you tried replacing meat with some soy products? Those Boca burgers are tasty. You won't believe it's not meat! Well..at least after you douse it in bbq sauce, pickles and mustard and layer it with tomato and lettuce... There also that fake bacon out there (fakon?) and tofurkeys too. You can always experiment until you find what you like!

Answered by: Cwolf112 on 12/2/08
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