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Say What?

Say What?

A while ago we warned you about making too much noise while in the heat of the moment, now we're going to the nitty gritty—the content of your exclamations. It's incredibly easy to get carried away during a hot love making session, and we've all done it once or twice.

The web site ComicvsAudience.com has produced a hilarious graphic with variations on what and what not to say during sex. It looks like one of the flow charts you used to use in high school literature class, only instead of drawing plot outlines, it provides
examples to help you in your moment of passion.

For example, the bubbles on the good side map out the following sentence:
 "Thanks…A lot …Peaches."

And on the bad:
"Thanks… here's a dollar…in change…mostly pennies."

We've all said some pretty silly things even during a hot make-out session! But should we be ashamed if we should happen to let it slip that he makes you, "feel like a natural woman?" or she "makes you want to fall asleep in her bosom?" Nah! It's all part of the fun. If you're really embarrassed just fess up and tell your lover you've been reading too many romance novels. The two of you can laugh about it later.

What's the most embarrassing exclamation you've ever made in the heat of the moment and how did you play it off later? Do you think getting creative improves your sex life?

Posted: 9/5/08

Hmm I don't think I have said anything crazy...but when I do, I will come back and post here! Haha.


I've never said anything crazy, but I know of more than one friend who has called out the name of an old flame during an intimate moment. Embarassing much!?!?