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Fit Trends for the New Year

Fit Trends for the New Year

It's easy for anyone to see (or hear) that one of the top New Year's resolutions is to get in shape. Whether it is through weight loss or stepping up one's fitness game, people always start out with the best intentions.

Whether you choose to invest in Nintendo's Wii Fit—who would have thought video games could get you fit and trim?—or simply opt to bike to work, some of the best trends of 2009 are sure to get you in to-die-for shape.

Here are some other fitness trends to expect for 2009. Tell me what you think:

* Fusion classes. It's a mix of yoga and pilates (yoga-lates or pil-oga?) that helps you tone and stretch. The good thing is it's designed to give you more of a workout in less time.

* Kettlebell workouts. The American Council on Exercise says these popular Russian dumbells will be all the rage in '09. It might feel a bit like flinging a bowling ball around a room for 30 minutes, but advocates say it's an incredible fat-burning workout.

* Genetic health. Some health experts are beginning to rely on nutrogenomics, a fancy term for a diet plan that relies on your DNA to determine a diet plan fit for you. While I think family history can play a part in determining certain health conditions, I am feeling like this plan might be a little too complicated.

In addition to the Wii Fit—gosh, I love that thing—I am happy to see certain trends, like state laws that require the elimination of trans fats or for restaurants to list calories. More changes like this are ones I can look forward to for the New Year.

Are any of these popular trends on your get-fit list for the New Year?

—Caroline Shannon

Posted: 1/2/09

I think they have it right, integrating fitness even through a video game system is okay. The key is to get your calorie count a little lower than normal and do some kind of Home Exercise and getting enough rest to help your body recover!!


The Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit are by far my favorite things ever invented. I get to get more active by playing video games, and most importantly, I get to include my family. And they don't even realize how it's getting them to excersise. What could be better ...


I'd love to try a piloga/yolates class, but my gym only offers one or the other. I try to mix it up equally between both. My gym also just added a shadowboxing class that I'm eager to try. Unfortunately, it's only offered at 9:30 a.m. on Saturdays, so that makes it pretty difficult to get to. (I love my sleep-in weekends!)


I definitely want to try Kettlebells. I saw them on sale this week at Target and I am seriously considering getting them. Plus, the new issue of Women's Health features a workout with Kettlebells -- all the more reason to buy them, right?!

And, of course, you know I love my Wii [Link]. I'll be investing in that fitness trend, too. No one said exercise had to always be hard!!


I like your fusion class name suggestions! I'm aiming kind of low this year for fitness goals, but I'm determined to lift weights on a regular basis.

  • By aliciak
  • on 1/2/09 11:00 AM EST