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3 Ways Families Are Like Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are a great asset to businesses, whether they're used in warehouses, assembly lines, or other applications. In the same way, families are a great asset when each...

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Hey Baby, What's Your IQ?

Can you name the capital of Lithuania? How about the first nine numbers of Pi? If you said “Vilnius” and “3.14159265”—without looking them up on Google—you might want to check out the new online dating site www.intelligentpeople.com.

As the name suggests, the site is designed for people with higher than average intelligence, and even requires potential members to score high on an IQ test before registering.

According to a company press release, the site aims to attract people with an IQ in the top 15% of the population. If this doesn’t apply to you, did you really want to talk about the circumference of a circle anyway?

Posted: 5/20/08

is it saflly girls

  • By katkat
  • on 5/26/08 4:43 PM EST