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To Be vs To Do

To Be vs To Do

We all have long to-do lists. We cross off a few things on there if we had a "good day." Some of us will even add something we've already completed to our list just to feel good about ourselves. To have a sense of accomplishment. Ever done that before? I know I have!

What about choosing one thing "to be" everyday. Just one. Today you can be generous, kind, patient, compassionate, courageous, powerful, funny....

Each day, as you get up, pick a word. Have that be your guide in all that you then "do." Let it be your filter for everything you do that day.

As you transform your "beingness," all that you then "do" also starts changing.

Posted: 2/27/10
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I like that.,..what a great idea...incorporating that into your daily routine! A new twist on my "Word Of the Day"