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5 Things to Look for in a Soul Mate

5 Things to Look for in a Soul Mate

Want to find a lasting love relationship? In her recent title, Prince Harming Syndrome: Break Bad Relationship Problems for Good, best-selling author, Karen Salmansohn, combines Aristotle's ancient love philosophies with modern research studies into a list of five things to look for in a potential partner. She advises people to stop focusing on superficial qualities such as funny, sexy, hot or rich, and instead, look for someone who:

1. Has the same end in mind as you do—i.e., marriage, kids or no kids, etc.
2. Values growing—especially during conflict, as in, how am I contributing to the situation?
3. Understands that a relationship serves two functions—one, a den of pleasure (plenty of passion) and two, a laboratory for growth.
4. Makes you feel safe—so you can communicate openly. Salmansohn puts safety even before love.
5. Is a happy person—avoid anyone with anger-management issues, addictions and so on.

Listen to the rest of my Change Nation interview with Karen Salmansohn.

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Posted: 9/25/09
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