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Beauty is in the Belly

Beauty is in the Belly

If you use salon products, without a doubt, your hair is as shiny, smooth and full-bodied as the tresses of those TV hair models.
Not. (What do you think they use, wigs or computer animation?)
Despite what those clever marketing folks would have you believe, hair products aren’t the only things that determine your hair’s appearance. In fact, many make no difference at all. The factor that does play a role in your hair’s health is diet. Just like the rest of your body, those locks need their vitamins. So if you want to change your look, try starting with a change in your diet!
Here’s good advice for guys and girls who want to see their hair at its best: To minimize split ends and keep your hair healthy and shiny, experts recommend multivitamins, Vitamin B and a fish oil supplement. That said, definitely talk to your doctor before introducing extra Vitamin B, D or other supplements into your diet. In the case of vitamins, more is not always better.
Even better, skip the pills and try to get enough vitamins in what you eat. Yup, just another excuse for living healthier.

Posted: 9/7/08
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I've heard eating avocados and olive oil are good for having shiny hair too—something about those natural oils that helps.


Comment on Beautiful Hair: This has been helpful to me, as I did not not know Vitamin B and Omega-3 had anything to do with your hair. Now, you will recognize me, I will be the one with the beautivul hair. The rest of me leaves much to be desired. Seriously, it has been very helpful.


This is one I need to take to heart. My hair used to be shinier when I was eating better and nothing I'm doing these days with hair products is making much of a difference.