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"I have found myself in the middle of many unexpected changes and this book is really helping me navigate and see things through a different perspective. Many blessings for your courage and journey to bring to life this important work." -David
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Fruit Loops don't count

When you were growing up, various people in your life probably told you to eat foods of lots of different colors. Well, not to be a nag, but they weren’t talking about Fruit Loops—although you’re on the right track with the fruit thing. Would you believe adding a simple piece of fruit, like a banana or an orange, to your breakfast menu, can change your whole day?

According to a Cosmopolitan survey, 62% of people admit that on an average day, they don’t eat a whole piece of fruit. Clearly, these folks don’t realize that fruit actually boosts your energy level—and it’s caffeine-free. Start your day off with a piece of fruit and reap the benefits—added hydration, natural and necessary sugars, a better mood and a fruit bowl without an identity crisis.

Posted: 2/2/08
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