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"I LOVE your website, way to go on getting a book published and having an article in Oprah! The world needs inspiration and community and your website provides both. Truly, I am deeply inspired." -Melissa
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That’s your cue to get up off your keister. That’s right, stand up. Haven’t you been sitting long enough? Move.

Pace back and forth while you’re on the phone. Go outside and take a lap around the office, your house or the whole neighborhood. Gotta go? Speed walk to the bathroom. And feel that energy boost. Moving speeds up your metabolism. Activity and sunlight are good for your focus and mood, too. So you’ll get more done and people might actually find you more pleasant. Think of how much they’ll do for you now.

Your increased energy level is sure to be contagious. Wave to your office buds from the parking lot and watch them perk up right along with you.

Posted: 3/14/08
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