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3 Ways Families Are Like Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are a great asset to businesses, whether they're used in warehouses, assembly lines, or other applications. In the same way, families are a great asset when each...

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Over Before It Started

Over Before It Started

Our economy may be at an all-time low, but who can concentrate on that when teen musician heartthrobs Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift are breaking up? Us Weekly says that the adorable couple broke up almost as soon as they started dating officially. And by officially, they mean before it was reported in Us Weekly. According to a source close to Swift, Jonas “broke her heart.”

It may seem easy to make light of teen celebrity relationships, but think back to your teen years. Were breakups really that different from that of Swift and Jonas? How many times did you “go out with” one boy or girl at the beginning of the week, only to find out you had been dumped at the (insert high school sporting event here) later? And remember how unbelievably soul-shattering and heart-wrenching every breakup was? You swore you’d never be able to get over (insert miscellaneous high school flings here). Is it insecurity that’s at the root of all the partner-hopping in high school, or is it a legitimate need to explore as many different options as possible?

What were your high school dating experiences like, and how do they compare to the breakups you’ve experienced later in life? [The National Ledger]

Posted: 10/9/08

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I wonder how many high-school kids in my time or how many now really know why they break up or, for that matter, why they get together in the first place. Too often they don't give themselves the chance just to like each other and be friends for awhile. A lot of them still just hide behind the self-image they're trying so hard to create. It's tough at that age.

  • By cobber
  • on 10/13/08 9:24 AM EST

I think all heartache is just as hard, no matter what your age. None of it really gets "easier," though as an adult, you have a better perspective on things...the world does not end when a relationship does! I think when you're younger, you really emphasize dating or "going out" as we called it and it can have such an impact on the way your friends treat you...i.e. the whole clique thing.

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/9/08 1:40 PM EST