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To Co-Sleep, No Chance to Dream

To Co-Sleep, No Chance to Dream

For new moms and dads, the co-sleeping debate is about as tiring as, well, waking up to a crying newborn every two hours. And it doesn’t help that there are conflicting research and opinions on the issue everywhere you turn.   
In an attempt to make life for us parenting newbies a little easier, Babble.com compiled the opinions of leading childcare experts to find out if co-sleeping is a wonderful bonding experience for parent and child—or a dangerous practice that should be avoided at all costs.  We’d love to tell you that the answer to the question is found in their responses, but the truth is it’s still a complicated issue.  But it is interesting to note that a few doctors have softened their stance a bit.
While Dr. Spock, the childcare guru of moms and dads the world over, is still completely against it, Dr. William Sears and Dr. Alan Greene admit that some form of co-sleeping is okay—provided proper measures are taken.
And Dr. Ferber—who invented the world-renowned “Ferber Method” to get babies to sleep through the night—also now concedes that “children can sleep well during a wide range of circumstances.” He does caution, however, that many parents have difficulty stopping the practice.  A valid point considering that we personally know a few parents that now have a five, six, or seven-year old in their beds every night. That can't make for a restful sleep—and we’re guessing any romance between mom and dad is surely falling by the wayside.
Is there a baby in your bed? How do you feel about it? Sound off below.

Posted: 11/12/08

My little one used to sleep with me and his dad. He prefered it and so did we. At first I was concerned that I would roll over on him or that he would never grow out of it, but that soon vanished when I realized how aware I was of him at all times- not in the sense that I didnt get rest, but we seemed to be in a sync that let me know when he needed something. At 8 months, when he was weening himself off breast milk, he also decided he wanted his own bed. He would toss and turn and try to take over the bed. So when he did get his own bed, it was a really smooth transition.
I realize this doesnt work for all people, but I think its a matter of being aware of yourself and child and knowing what needs have to be met on both sides.


I am a co-sleeper who is currently making the change. Why? My husband wants -and more importantly- needs to get a good night's sleep regularly. He is a pharmacy student and his educational success is important to our whole family's future! So, after a lot of fretting I have finally started to make the change. My daughter and I are adjusting well. She is 8.5 months old and it's okay. I think she'd secure enough to know that we're going to be there when she wakes up every morning, and that's what's most important. However, I LOVE co-sleeping. I miss laying beside her and feeling her sleep. We still snuggle in bed some days, too. I think it's an incredible bonding experience and I wouldn't do it differently in a million years. (My husband says he misses her in bed, too)

  • By Shawna
  • on 11/12/08 9:24 PM EST