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Ariane at the Oprah Conference This October

Ariane will be a keynote speaker at the Oprah conference in South Africa this October.

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Getting unstuck in life can depend equally on big and small changes.

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Back again..:(

This is my original post from the fall of 2009.. I really thank anyone who is willing to read all of this. I honestly...

Shared by: lostinlove4312
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The End of MY World

I met my boyfriend, Brandon, when we were in high school. We started out as good friends and then we started dating...

Shared by: nicolle20
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lost friend

I came to know about you through a friend of mine. You guys seem to be good. I am not sure if i am suppose to write...

Shared by: sanjana_
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It's my party...or is it?

Hi, just joined about 10 minutes ago and am already impressed :) I'm 24 and in the process of finishing a 2-year Associate...

Shared by: rventura425
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Our Lives

I am a born optimist : I married in 1972 with a Jewish man David Liebmann; I loved him more than myself; I converted to...

Shared by: 4marina
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Glad to see you, Ariane

Today is the first day I come in your blog, I'd like to share my story, I want to change my present situation, but I don...

Shared by: Lijun_Zhang
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I am 56 years old and recently started having tremors in my hands. I was informed by a traditional masseur that i and...

Shared by: nisahanuar
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